We held our second Classics in Communities conference on Saturday 19th of September 2015 at the Faculty of Classics, Cambridge.

Programme: CiC Cambridge Conference Programme UPDATED [PDF]

This conference brought together all those interested in the teaching and learning of Latin and Greek in schools, colleges, universities and communities in the UK and around the world (even as far afield as Australia). Building on the success of the first ‘Classics in Communities’ conference in Oxford in November 2013, this conference included papers on widening access to Classical languages; emerging practices in Classics pedagogies; improving community cohesion through Classics; the cross-curricular value of Classical languages and the appeal/merits of non-linguistic Classics.

CiC Cambridge 082

Tim Whitmarsh [A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture, University of Cambridge]: ‘Death to the Gatekeepers! Classics for the Masses, from Antiquity to the Present Day’

CiC Cambridge 378

Tom Holland [Celebrated British Novelist and Historian]: ‘Whores and the House of Caesar’




Mai and Arlene were both present at this year’s Classical Association Conference held at the University of Bristol to present the interim results of the Classics in Communities project.

Their paper analysed the impact of the project since November 2013: the impact and legacy of the five national training workshops was shared through the presentation of case studies charting the subsequent introduction, by workshop participants, of Latin and Greek in their schools. Various associated impacts were be considered: on the shape and scope of the school curriculum, on the availability of appropriate teaching resources, on the professional competence of teachers, and on the cognitive development and global awareness of learners.


Our opening conference was held at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford. Approximately 100 participants attended (some coming from as far as the USA and South Africa). We were privileged to include inspiring speakers and a patient audience (timetabling constraints meant less time for tea). The Classical Association and the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies kindly funded bursaries for the event.

Dr Emily Pillinger-Avlami (King’s College London) kindly live tweeted, which has been Storified by the Classics Library:

Classics Collective also wrote the first review:


Click on a speaker’s name to download their abstract (if available) and presentation title to access their powerpoint/handout.

9:30-10:00: Registration [+Tea & Coffee]

10:00-10:30: Mai Musié [University of Oxford] and Evelien Bracke [Swansea University]: ‘Introduction to Classics in Communities

10:30-11:30: KEYNOTE: Edith Hall [KCL]: ‘Classics in our Ancestors’ Communities: Inspiring Tales from the Archives

11:30-12:00: Steve Hunt [University of Cambridge]: ‘Primary Latin in North Norfolk: A Case Study

12:00-12:30: Peter Howard [American Classical League]: ‘Elementary & Middle School Classics in the U.S.A’

12:30-13:00: Lunch

13:00-14:00: Bob Lister [University of Cambridge] & Liz Lloyd [William Ford Junior School]: ‘The Iliad Project: Lessons Learnt from William Ford Junior School, Dagenham’



Maria Mertzani [GreekForYou]: ‘Teaching Homer at KS1/2
Catharine Jessop [Haberdasher’s Aske’s School for Girls]: ‘Linking London Schools through Minimus


Jen Grove [University of Exeter]: ‘Sex & History: Talking Sex with Objects from the Past
Eleanor Campbell [Colchester]: ‘Using Sixth-Form Students’ Expertise to Teach Latin to Primary Pupils’


Maria Lloyd: ‘Understanding Museums’
Sophy Rogers [Reading School]: ‘Teaching Ancient Greek at Primary Level


Francesca Richards [University of Durham]: ‘The Spennymoor Odyssey
Anastacia Holding [St John Rigby College]: ‘The Potential of Classics Outreach in Further Education’


Elisabete Cação: ‘The Pi Project’
Corrie Schumann [University of Pretoria]: ‘Academia Latina in South Africa’


Jen Grove [University of Exeter], Sam Thomas [Bristol University], & Alex Wardrop: ‘Making Learning Differently
John Bulwer [Euroclassica]: ‘Latin Comenius Project in Europe

16:10-16:30: Tea & Coffee

16:30-17:30: KEYNOTE: Michael Scott [University of Warwick]: ‘Impact, Engagement, Outreach, Access & Ancient History TV Documentaries

17:30-18:00: Final Round Table Discussion with Reception to follow

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